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San Francisco

San Francisco is surrounded by the San Francisco Bay in the east, the Golden Gate in the north and the pacific in the west.

It is about 125 q²km and is surrounded by 42 hills, from where you have a fantastic and impressive (beeindruckend) view (Ausblick) of the city. San Francisco is in the northend of a peninsula (Halbinsel). About 700.000 inhabitants live there and it is the third biggest city in California, after Los Angeles and San Diego.

Frisco”, “San Fran”, “The City” and “Fog City” are only a few nicknames of San Francisco.

In the 1960ties it was the city of the “Flower Power Generation”. All hippies wanted to be there once or live there.

San Francisco is a fast growing city and many companies, for example google, are located here.The night life here is very busy, too.

There is not only a tourist center, but a large place called “China Town”, which is a very popular tourist attraction. It is said to be(angeblich) the biggest community of chinese people outside of China. Also the gay community is one of the biggest in the world.

City Facts:


United States




June 29, 1776


Lieutenant Jose Joaquin Moraga and Francisco Palou


• Land 46.87 sq mi (121.4 km2)

• Water 185.02 sq mi (479.2 km2)

Highest elevation:

925 ft (282 m)

Population (2010):

7,468,390 peoples

Time zone:

Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)



Hippie- time:

Some fifty years ago the city grew up to the most famous centrum of the hippies.

They celebrated their rise in 1967 with the ,, summer of love”.

A famous song of this time is named ,, San Francisco” and was written and sung by Scott McKenzie. The song expresses the lifestyle of this legendary summer. It was a hymn at that time and became a hit all over the world.

The hippies preached respectability, love and non-violence (gewaltlosigkeit).

Their attributes (Merkmale) were to wear pearls, lots of flowers and bells.

Their clothing was very exotic and so was their attitude. At this time it was quite usual to take drugs. It was part of the flower power livestyle to smoke joints or take extacy.

There was another operation group.

They were called the ,, Diggers”. Their slogan was: ,, Free, free everything”. Because of their influence the first ,, free stores” were formed. They gave food and other things to the deserving poor. The same way the first ,, free clinic” opened in june 1967. Because of the lack of money (Geldmangel) some hippies organized a big concert, where stars such as Janis Joplin performed for free.

This festival is still very well-known as “Woodstock”.

The »Gay people city San Francisco«:

In the 1970ties San Francisco became a nickname » World capital from the Gays« .In the Hippie-time came the sexual liberalization in connection with the tolerance over the gay wave at San Francisco.

Tourist allways speak from the "Gay-community" of San Francisco. Circa 20% from the citizen are voters. As a political and economic factor, is the Gay-community not a point to think away. The income from the homosexual population are to be above average.

Therefore, the spread of AIDS changed not really more. Below the twin peaks and Buena Vista Park began an area with centre in the Castro street. They talk from the Stronghold of the Gay-community.

Mission San Francisco de Asis:

The “Mission San Francisco de Asis” is the oldest building in San Francisco.

It is a church from the spanish mission in California and was a present for the sainted “Francisco de Asis”. Later the church was renamed to,,Mission Dolores”.

In front of the church there is a statue from the discoverer (entdecker) of San Francisco.

( quelle: )

No death in San Francisco

In the beginning of the 20th century there was a big housing shortage (Wohnungsmangel) because of the gold fever that broke out (Goldrausch).

More space to build new houses was needed. Therefore no more dead should be buried (beerdigen) in the city.They had to be moved to another place. There was a big mess and many deads were mixed up (verwechseln), lost or simply left.

( Quelle: buch: Flower in your hair von milena moser )


The climate is influenced (beeinfusst) by the coast of the pazific.

The summer is always cold but nearly (fast) without rain. The warmest months are September and October. In contrast to the winter. These are mild and frost is very unusual. Usually it is foggy, because of the sea. A special feature (besonderheit) is the different climate within the city. Therefore it can happen that at the Golden Gate it is cold while at the bay it is warm.

Fog of San Francisco:


Alcatraz is in an island in the middle of the San Francisco bay (bucht).

Earlier it was used as a prison, but nowadays it is only a tourist attraction. It is known to be the most safty prison in the United States. There were a lot of well-known criminals prisoned inside. Today there are some very good movies that play on that scene, such as “The Rock” with Sean Connery as one of the protagonists.

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