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Anastasia Nikolajewna Romanowa - Die verschollene Zarenprinzessin

Anastasia Nikolajewna Romanowa

Hello, I would like to present you the story about the missing grand duchess Anastasia.


1. Anastasia was born in St.Pertersburg on 18 June 1901. She was the youngest daughter of the last Russian Tsar Nikolaus II and Alexandra Fjodorowna from Germany.

She grew up with her three sisters, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and her little brother Alexei.

They had a happily childhood.

Anastasia had blue eyes and blonde hair and her dark eyebrowns had grown almost together in the middle. She had a great talent for languages and could copy accents perfectly.

The people described her as stubborn but also mischievous and cheeky.

She liked to play jokes. But sometimes her jokes went too far. At a snowball fight she rolled a stone into a snowball and threw it at the head of her sister Maria.

2.After the forced abdication of the Tsar Nikolaus in March 1917, at first he and his family were placed in Tsarskoye Selo near St.Petersburg. under arrest.

After the October Revolution the new dictators abducted the family into the Ipatjew house to city of Jekaterinburg.

Anastasia and the rest of her family were imprisoned for 87 days . On the 17 July 1918 they all were murdered.

At midnight of that day the family, the bodyguard of Nikolaus, the cook and Alexandras maid were taken into the cellar.

They were told, that the situation is too unsafe in the town. In the cellar they were killed by the soldiers. Anastasia was only 17 years old when she was killed.

3. The bodies of the Tsar and his family were taken to a marsh area.

Two years later, in 1919 a thorough investigation started to find the bodies of the family. When the bodies were found, it was detected, that two bodies were missing: the bodies of Anastasia and the tsarevich Alexei. The disappear of the two siblings was mysterious and this was the beginning of the legend that Anastasia might still be alive.

4. On 17 February 1920 a policeman saved a young woman from the Landwehrkanal in Berlin.

She had jumped off a 6 meters high bridge into the water. This was 19 months after the murder of Anastasia’s family. She didn`t want to say her name and was taken to a madhouse in Dalldorf. There, a nurse saw a picture of the Tsar family in the newspaper and she saw a similarity between Anastasia and Ms. Unknown. She came into the newspaper and relatives of the Romanows got attentive.

Cousins, playmates, uncles, aunts came to visit her to make sure wether this is Anastasia or not. The opinions split there. Many said it is her and many said the opposite. The history why she has survived was that way:

When transporting the bodies of the Tsar and his family a Polish soldier discovered that Anastasia was unconscious but not dead.

She still lived and the soldier carried her to his home. Later they escaped to Bucharest where she noticed she is pregnant of the soldier Alex Tschaikowski. He admitted to have raped her. When the baby was born, it came into an orphanage.

After this, Anastasia traveled to Germany, to look for help of her aunt and godmother princess Irene.

But she was afraid to ring the doorbell at the gate, out of fear of being not recognized. So with despair she jumped into the Landwehrkanal.

Now quarrellings and discussions started under the relatives. The newspapers wrote about Ms.

Unknown. She claimed for 64 years, up to her dead, to be Anastasia. Many people believed it, because psychologists said that her memory and her nerves are shattered.

In addition she had the disease hallux valgus also called splayfood what the grand duchess had.

5. In 1928 a document was created which should state that Anna Anderson isn`t the daughter of the Tsar.

Of 44 living Romanows only 12 had signed it.

In March 1927 a Berlin newspaper brought the message that Ms.Unknown is a factory worker from Poland. Her real name was Franziska Schanzkowska. A woman - her name was Doris Wingender - recognized the Polish factory worker on a picture.

Franziska had lived with her mother, until she suddenly disappeared in February 1920. Her brother Felix also confirmed that this is his sister.

But Franziska Schanzkowska was sticking to her story. A family meeting of the Schanzkowska family took place 11 years later.

But nobody recognized her except for one of her sisters. Franziska remained insensitive. She was a star of the New Yorker society now. But with the time she became crazier and crazier:

  • she was in a rage often

  • she attacked puplic employees with sticks,

  • she ran nacked on the roof around

  • and she lived with 60 cats.

She was married twice and she was very often in madhouses.

Franziska died on February 12th, 1984. She had pneumonia.

6. After her death, a DNA test showed that Franziska Schanzkowska ( also known as Ms.

Unknown, Mrs Tschaikowski or Anna Anderson) was a swindler.

Franziska used to say she was shot at the night, when her family was murdered. But the injuries which she had, were caused by a hand granate. It happened in an accident in the factory.

In 2007 russian scientists have found the remains of the two missing bodies.

After an examination the scientists announced that these were the bodies of Alexej and his sister Maria. So Anastasia’s body must have been together with her parent’s bodies in one grave.

I chose this topic because when I was small, I saw the fairytale Anastasia.

I liked it a lot and since then the history of the grand duchess has fascinated me. I wanted to find out, if the woman found in the river was the real Anastasia or not.

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